Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Giro d'italia vs Tour of California

Ten days into the Giro, 3 days into the Tour of California, and just over a month until the start of Le Tour de France, we in the U.K have been lucky to have fantastic coverage from British Eurosport. With the rise in prominance of road cycling Cavendish and Wiggins have become household names and we finally have a team to get behind: the force to be reckoned with that is Team Sky. In their debut at the Giro we have witnessed their riding finesse and keen strategy; a team that knows what it wants and how to make it happen.

Across the pond in California we have Team HTC-Columbia, with the best lead out men and the fastest sprinter in the world; a man who likes to get the job done. Fearless and confident, once they've set their focus and have the goal in sight there is little that can stop them from achieving what they have set out to do.

Couple this with Armstrong's comments in L'equip about the Tour of California being the 2nd greatest tour after the Tour de France, and we have a wonderful mix of beautiful cycling, deep seated rivalry and competitiveness with a touch of controversy that makes for fantastic watching and has everyone gripped ready for next months Grande Boucle. With Armstrong stating himself that he is not at the top of his game just yet, Wiggins strategically pacing himself and warming up in the dress rehersal and Cavendish making his ambitions for this year clear in the glasses he wears, it is clear that this years Tour will be as exciting as ever.

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